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About Carol Archer (aka 區勵志 )

An exhibiting artist since the late 1980’s, Carol Archer’s works have been exhibited in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy and Macao. A number of pieces from her 1998 exhibition titled Skin to Work (Sydney) have been acquired by Artbank, an Australian government initiative that showcases contemporary art. Archer’s work may also be found in numerous private collections.

Carol Archer moved from Australia to the Pearl Delta region in 1998. Her exhibition Tai Mo Shan/Big Hat Mountain at the Montblanc Gallery in Hong Kong’s Fringe Club (2000) consisted of a series of mixed media scrolls that referenced Chinese iconography. In 2001, Archer’s watercolour, ink and photomedia pieces were exhibited in the art/poetry installation titled Shui Yi Meng/Sleep to Dream, also hosted by the Montblanc Gallery. In New Territories (2002), Archer’s photomedia works continued her exploration of Hong Kong’s urban environment. These three projects, collaborations with Australian writer-artist Christopher Kelen, attracted Hong Kong Arts Development Council funding and were published as full colour catalogues.

Since moving to Macao, Carol Archer has been invited to exhibit her work at Hong Kong’s Para/Site Art Space (2002, 2003), Sydney’s National Art School in Sydney (2004). In May 2005, Archer was nominated Artist of the Month by Macau Art Net and invited to present a solo exhibition online. In 2006, Archer completed a doctorate in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong on modernist literature and contemporary painting.
Carol Archer is currently an Assistant Professor in the Visual Studies programme at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.

澳洲藝術家區勵志生於1960年2月24日,其作品自80年代末開始曾於澳洲、澳門、香港、日本及意大利展出。區氏於1998年移居珠江三角洲地區,其後分別於2000年及2001年在香港藝穗會萬寶龍畫廊(Mont Blanc Gallery)設展,主題為"大帽山"及"睡以夢"。2003年,區氏的攝影媒體作品進入高峯期並歸入名為"新界"的系列。該系列中的三個項目均和作家客遠文(Christopher Kelen)合作,並獲得香港藝術發展局贊助出版彩色作品目錄。區氏的視覺藝術作品是2000及2001年香港乙城節(City Festival)藝術項目中的其中一環,並於2002及2003年在香港Para/Site藝術空間的集體展覽中展出。2005年5月,區氏獲澳門藝術網提名為當月藝術工作者並在該網舉行了一次個人混合媒 ! 擏@品展。區氏近期在澳門的個人展覽包括澳門大學畫廊的"澳門手作"和澳門創意空間的"結、觸、跡"。另外,區氏亦於本年七月在澳洲紐卡素PodSpace畫廊展出其國際藝術家合作項目"Reciprocal Interference"的作品(。

區氏現於香港嶺南大學任助理教授,並為Art Monthly Australia及Macau Closer撰寫有關澳門、香港、內地及台灣地區的藝術動態。近期區氏的學術著作包括"Macao: An Art Historical Discipline Waiting to Happen?" [收錄於James Elkins編輯的Is Art History Global? (Routledge, 2006)];"The Ambivalent Paintings of Judy Watson" [收錄於2006年第7卷第2期Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art];以及"Gifts and Transgressions: Marlene Dumas' Underground" [收錄於2006年第8期Crossings]。
聯絡區勵志,請電郵; 獲取更多有關其作品資訊,請瀏覽。

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