Monday, February 16, 2009

Near and far - and mainly Macao

You are warmly invited to the opening of:
Near and Far – and Mainly Macao
4 p.m. Friday 20th February, 2009 and continuing until the 6th of March
Anthony S.W. Lau Exhibition Hall, University of Macau Library
Joint exhibition of pictures by Carol Archer and Christopher Kelen
to coincide with the launch of two volumes published by the University of Macau:
Carol Archer's exhibition catalogue, Work of Macao Hands
Christopher Kelen's trilingual poem and sketches, The River Considered as Sea

Near and Far – and Mainly Macao is a joint retrospective exhibition presenting solo and collaborative works by Carol Archer and Christopher Kelen. The works were created over the last ten years and most of them were previously shown at various exhibitions at the Fringe Club in Hong Kong, at Macao's CCI Gallery, at the Albergue Gallery in Macao and here at the University of Macau. Carol Archer's book Work of Macao Hands presents a collection of watercolours offering close-up views of Macao, while Kit Kelen's The River Considered as Sea, a ten-part poem with ink and watercolour pictures, renders Macao at a distance.